Our Team – Frankfort

Our crew is PASSIONATE about the rewards of movement and joined us with the belief that all humans should have access outlets and resources to move and play. Each of them grew their set of skills through trying, playing, learning, experimenting. We are looking for more people of all ages that want to do the same and join our team in spreading the art of movement!

Will Bunge – Head Instructor


Head Instructor, Kickboxing, Grappling, Parkour

My interest in the body and mind has been growing for over 15 years. Having played sports from an early age I have wanted to become a leader in the fitness and athletics community. Over the past few years I have become a certified personal trainer, a licensed massage therapist, a martial arts coach and fighter with a winning record. I can say that I am living my dream! I am available for personal and group fitness classes. I coach Sanshou Kick Boxing and teach cooking for holistic wellness. I seek clients that dream big and are ready too.  My philosophy towards wellness is a holistic vision encompassing foods as medicine, activity as psychotherapy, and martial arts as the original fitness plan.

Korinthian Gaines  - Instructor

Martial Arts, Parkour

As a young kid, I loved watching the old-school Japanese version of Ninja Warrior. At Urban Ninja, I love seeing kids and adults overcome obstacles they find impossible at first. Seeing the achievement really inspires me. Never say you can’t do something just because you’ve tried and failed. Or just because you don't have the courage at the moment. Find someone who can teach you the skills you need to be successful, whether overcoming a physical obstacle at the gym or something bigger in everyday life.